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Winter League Rules



1. The Competition shall be called 'The Derby Area Indoor Winter League'.

2. The grouping of the clubs and the running of the Competition shall be in the power of the Derby Area League Committee. Competing clubs shall be affiliated to the D.T.A. or other County Associations.

3. Fixtures shall be made by the Derby Area League Secretary.

1.      All matches shall consist of two pairs from each club. Each pair shall play to two short sets, with the tie-break coming into operation at five games all, against each opposing pair. For each set won the team shall be awarded one point towards the final match score. When the buzzer sounds, the point in progress shall be completed and then play is stopped.  For incomplete sets, if one team leads by 2 or more games, that team is deemed to have won the set.  Otherwise the set does not count towards the final score.  Any incomplete games do not count.  If any pair is not ready to play at the appointed time they shall forfeit the set; if not ready within 30 minutes of the appointed time they shall forfeit two sets.

(ii) The team winning the most sets (and therefore) points shall win the tie. A drawn match can result if the number of sets won is equal.

5. (i) A player shall not in any one season play for more than one club in the Competition and he/she must be a bona fide member i.e. a member who pays the full annual subscription or a 'summer only' subscription of the club or clubs for which he/she plays.

(ii) Players are considered to play for only one team in the same competition in the same season. i.e. a player can play for Men's 1 only not for Men's 2 or 3 in the same indoor season. However, a player from a lower team may play one (1) match only for a higher team. To clarify, a player who has played twice for a higher team cannot then play for a lower team; a player who has played once for a higher team and once for a lower team can only subsequently play for the lower team.

6. (i) If any club cancels a match, scratches or fails to put in an appearance on the specified date arranged, the opposing team shall count a win. Inability to raise a full team will not be considered an adequate reason for not fulfilling a fixture. In the event of a cancellation the Centre Venue Manager must be informed immediately.

(ii) If cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before a match is due to begin, the defaulting club shall be required to pay the total court fee (excluding the cost of balls) and shall not be permitted to compete further in the Competition until all such fees are paid.

(iii) If cancellation occurs more than 48 hours before a match is due to begin, the defaulting club shall be required to pay 50% of the total court fee (i.e. excluding the cost of balls) and shall not be allowed to compete further in the Competition until all such fees are paid.

7. Any club conceding one match for any reason shall have two points deducted from their final total. Any club conceding two matches for any reason will be automatically relegated to the next lower division the following season. Any club conceding three or more matches for any reason will be moved to the lowest division the following season. Clubs conceding three or more matches will have their results in that division expunged.

8. If a club shall withdraw from the Competition before completing its engagements, all records of matches played by the club shall be expunged.

9. Promotion and relegation in the various divisions shall be automatic - the top club being promoted and the bottom cub being relegated. An exception may arise following either the withdrawal or addition of teams, in which case the number of teams promoted and/or relegated will be at the discretion of the League Committee. If two or more teams in the same division are tied on points (2 points - Win, 1 point - Draw, 0 points - Loss), the team with the highest positive (or lowest negative) set difference when calculate over all matches played will finish in the higher league position.. If set difference is equal the result of the fixture between the tied teams shall be used to determine the highest finishing team. Sets or games in these fixtures shall be added up where necessary.

10. An inclusive charge per team to cover the court fee and provision of balls shall be determined by the League Committee and Venue Manager and shall be paid before the commencement of play.

11. Clubs shall pay a fee for each team entered, the amount as determined at the A.G.M. of the Derby Area League. This shall be £5 per team for 2015/16 .

12. The match score (as one point per set), result and names of the competing players shall be entered o n a score card and communicated to the League secretary within 48 hours of the match being played. This must be signed by the captains of each team .

13. A ball striking the roof or other court fixture shall be deemed to be a fault.

14. Players will only change ends at the completion of a set.

15. Non-marking white-soled tennis shoes only to be worn.

16. If on the 30th April in any year there is a list of clubs waiting to enter any of the three Competitions, the club at the top of the list(s) shall be admitted to the Competition and the displaced club(s) at the bottom of the league(s) shall move to the bottom of the waiting list(s).

17. All differences and disputes shall be referred to and settled by the League Committee. Particulars shall be sent in writing within three days to the League Secretary by the Secretary or Secretaries of the club or clubs concerned who shall have the right to be represented at the meeting convened to deal with the matter. The decision of the League Committee shall be final.

18. For breach of any of these rules, and for any irregularity, the League Committee may impose such penalties - either by way of deduction of points or otherwise - as it may think fit.

Changes for 2016-17: See bold in rule 4 i).


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