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Derby Area Tennis League - Summer Rules

                  Derby Area Tennis League – Summer Rules

1.    The Competition shall be administered by the League Committee.

2.    Clubs competing in the Competition shall pay the fee for each team entered to the League Secretary at the point when entries are requested.
3.    Promotion and relegation in the various divisions shall be automatic – the top two clubs being promoted and the bottom two clubs relegated. An exception to this may arise following either the withdrawal or addition of teams, in which case the number of teams promoted and /or relegated will be at the discretion of the League Committee. If two or more teams in the same division tie on equal numbers of league points (2 points – Win; 1 point - Draw ; 0 points – Loss), for promotion, relegation or the League Championship the highest placed team shall be determined as follows:
i)     The number of sets for and against over the whole season, for each tied team, shall be determined and the difference between the two figures calculated. The team with the highest positive (or lowest negative -  if all are negative) “set difference” shall be awarded the highest league position of the tied teams.
ii)    If the “set difference” is equal the result(s) between the tied teams shall be used to determine the highest placed team. Sets or games in these fixtures will be added up where necessary.
4) i) No club shall have more than two teams in the same division of the League.
ii)    A club entering more than one team in a league section shall nominate three players to be eligible for each team except the lowest ranked team.  In the Mixed section, two Ladies and two Men shall be nominated for each team, except the lowest ranked team. These players shall be ineligible for teams ranked lower than the team for which they are nominated. If a club has two teams in the same division which both require nominations then these teams shall be considered to be equal in ranking for nominations which means that nominated players shall not be eligible to play for the other team in the same division.
iii)   Any such nominated player must play in a minimum of “50%” (i.e. 3 out of 6, 3 out of 7 or 4 out of 8 are acceptable) of the teams matches in a season for the team for which they are nominated or a higher ranked team. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, this becomes impossible, another player must be nominated in addition. This player should not have played for a lower team earlier in the season  and must not play for a lower team after the revised nomination. The League Secretary should be informed immediately if any revised nomination is necessary.
iv)   No player may represent a club in more than TEN matches in one league section in a season i.e. Either Men’s or Ladies or Mixed  (as separate entitles).
v) The League Secretary must receive these nominations in writing not later than 48 hours before the date their clubs first fixture is played for in that section of the competition Failure to do so will result in a one point deduction per match played until the nominations are received.
vi)   If a club has two teams in the same division their first match should be against each other. The match should be played to a conclusion before either team play their next match.
5.    A player shall not play for more than one Club in any section (Men’s, Ladies or Mixed) of the competition, and he/she must be a bona fide member, i.e. A member who pays the full annual subscription and entrance fee to the club or clubs for which he/she plays.
6.    In divisions where only one match is played between the competing clubs the ground for any match shall be that upon which the corresponding match of the preceding season was not played (where possible). New clubs to a division will take the fixtures of the clubs they have displaced as directed by the League Secretary on behalf of the League Committee.
7 i)  All matches shall consist of nine sets – all doubles i.e. each pair shall play three sets (1 set against each of the opposing 3 pairs) . Each set shall be a pro set. The winner shall be the first pair to win 9 games (by 2 clear games) e.g. 9-7.  If  8 games all is reached a tie break shall take place. The winner of the tie break will win the set 9-8. For each set won the team shall score one point towards the final match score. If the sets have started, no substitute shall be allowed for players who have already taken part in that particular match.
ii)    A minimum of two pairs from either side must be on court and ready to play for the match to proceed (within 15 minutes of the appointed start time).  Any team sending only one pair will automatically forfeit the match. The match should commence at the start time agreed by the fixture secretaries/captains. i.e. 6-30pm for a weekday match. If a team has only 2 pairs for the duration of the match, they shall forfeit 3 sets. After that, the following lateness rules apply: If any pair of doubles is not ready to play within fifteen minutes of the appointed start time (unless by prior agreement between the two clubs), they shall forfeit the first 4 games of the first set: if not ready within 30 minutes of the appointed start time they will forfeit the whole set. If 1 hour late they shall forfeit two sets. If one and a half hours later than the appointed start time they will forfeit all three sets.

8.    If any club cancels a match, scratches or fails to put in an appearance on the specified date arranged, except by mutual agreement between the clubs concerned the opposing team shall count two points.  Inability to raise a full team will not be considered an adequate reason for postponing a fixture. The home team shall decide if weather conditions are fit for play.  A team playing with 2 pairs for the duration of a match shall have one (1) point deducted from their total should they win that match.
i)     Any club conceding one match for any reason shall have two points deducted from their final total. Any club conceding two matches for any reason will be automatically relegated to the next lower division the following season. Any club conceding three or more matches for any reason will be moved to the lowest division the following season. Clubs conceding three or more matches will have their results in that division expunged.
9.    The Match Secretary of a club unable to fulfil a fixture shall inform the Secretary of the opposing club and the League Secretary by letter, email  or telephone, at the earliest possible moment.

10.  If a match is cancelled owing to bad weather, or other unavoidable cause, it shall be rearranged by the Match Secretaries and/or Team Captains of the clubs concerned within seven days of cancellation.  It is the responsibility of the home team to offer a minimum of three dates, giving at least seven days notice, when the opposing team has no fixtures on those dates.  Should the home team not offer these dates within seven days, or should the away team not accept any of these dates then the match will be forfeited.  The away team to accept within seven days of the offer from the home team.  The League Secretary must be notified of the rearranged date by both clubs within 48 hours of agreement.
11.  The Captains of the opposing teams shall, if necessary, agree upon umpires who shall see that matches are played out in accordance within the laws of the Lawn Tennis Association.
12.  The club on whose ground the match is being played shall provide not less than three new balls per court of a type and quality approved by the Lawn Tennis Association.
Note: The LTA uses the ITF approved list of balls as its approved list. Ball retail containers will usually state if they are LTA/ITF approved. If in doubt consult the League Secretary. The approved LTA/ITF list of balls can be found at
13.  Before the start of a match it is the responsibility of the home team captain to ask the opposing captain if he wants to start the match afresh or from the score at the point the match is abandoned if the match cannot be completed on the date arranged.
i)     If a match reaches the end of the second round or completion of 6 sets (without one team winning 5 of them and therefore the match)  i.e. The score at which the match is abandoned shall be the score the match recommences from at a future date/time. (This therefore over-rides the agreement made by the captains at the start of the match).

ii)    If the match is not able to progress to the end of the second round (or completion of 6 sets) the agreement made by the two captains at the start of the match shall determine the score to be used when the match recommences on a new date. No agreement made at the start of the match will mean the home captain’s preference will prevail if the end of the second round or completion of 6 sets has not been reached.

  • Where a club has indoor facilities it is the responsibility of the home team captain to ask the opposing captain, before the match starts, if they are agreeable to finishing the match indoors should the need arise.
  • Where a club has floodlight facilities, these should be used to complete matches when necessary.

14.  For each win, a club shall count two league points. In the unlikely event of a match finishing in a draw e.g. if the match is not fully completed and the team captains agree a draw, one league point shall be awarded to each club. The club obtaining the highest number of league points in any section or group shall be the winner thereof.
15.  If a team withdraws from the competition before completing its engagements, all records of matches played by the team shall be expunged.

16. The result of every match shall be communicated to the League Secretary within 1 week of it being played, by the home club concerned.  The penalty for not doing so is a 1-point deduction.

17 i) The League Secretary shall be responsible for sending out to all competing clubs on the 1st January the fixture lists for all the divisions indicating home and away,  together with a list of match secretaries and telephone numbers.

ii)    The completed fixtures, in chronological order, must be handed in to the League Secretary at the AGM or by that date.
iii)   All league fixtures must be initially scheduled to be played by 15th September.  Re-arranged matches should be completed by 30th September.

18. Deleted.

19.  Any club dissatisfied with any decision of the League Secretary or having any dispute or difference with any other clubs relating to any matter connected with the competition shall have the right to refer the dissatisfaction to the League Committee for decision. Representatives of the club(s) concerned have the right to be present at the meeting convened to deal with the matter. The decision of the League Committee shall be final.

20. Deleted.

21. These rules may be altered, rescinded or added to at any Annual General Meeting.

Last Updates 13 Mar 2018, changes shown by bold (rules 4 ii and iv).


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